Cornerstone Capital Partners

Cornerstone Capital Partners, Inc., a private investment firm founded in 1990, acquires or recapitalizes companies with the potential for profitable growth. Cornerstone’s strategy is centered on investing in companies with strong management, an attractive business model, and the potential to develop a leading market position. Cornerstone invests in companies that manufacture or distribute commercial and industrial products or provide business services.

We structure our transactions to form partnerships with proven management teams and assist in building value in a highly entrepreneurial ownership environment. We strive to maintain management and organizational continuity in companies in which we invest. We also believe in providing meaningful, long term financial incentives to management, so they may share in the overall success of the organization.

Cornerstone offers potential Sellers a rapid decision making capability, and a flexible, as well as creative, ability to structure a transaction to accommodate personal or corporate objectives. Cornerstone also maintains the highest degree of Seller confidentiality by quickly and decisively evaluating acquisition opportunities.

After an investment is made, the firm’s Principals utilize their over 75 years of private equity and operational experience and become active participants at the Board level. As Board members, we seek to be strong partners in areas where can add value and support, necessary for meeting management’s objectives.

Cornerstone is committed to the success of every relationship. When an investment is made, we apply whatever resources are required to support management, lenders and co-investors.